Sea Fictions

Sea Fiction, slide projection that falls on frosted film on the window and old suitcases are put on and beside the table.

Att bli seglad är att bli vaggad (embossed vintage paper frame, 'bokmärke'), 2011

Series: Writing Water in its Absence 1998 - (Part of PhD) (print from layered 35 mm slides), included in:

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A response to a found 1970’s postcard with a lover’s message. This postcard and a 1950’s dress were bought at the market in the Merrion Centre, Leeds, UK. The postcard depicted three icebergs and set travelling and feelings of longing in motion using photographic stagings and partly double-exposures. The work resulted in a loop of 40, 35 mm slides being projected as part of the group show [Shift] at the Merrion Centre market.

A super-8 film: and artist book were also made.

Floating touch

Anchor (harbour) 1998 NYC (part of PhD)