- visual contribution to the fanzine Coming Soon # 4 2013



“The chapter, Interpretive Flow: A 1930's Trans-cultural Architectural Nexus by Åsa Andersson, sets up a speculative and imaginative dialogue between a Swedish functionalist summer cottage (designed by the Architect Georg Scherman in 1934-36) and aspects of Japanese traditional and modernist aesthetics pertaining to architecture and the tea ceremony. It also draws on fairytale hut constructions, literature, philosophy, artworks and contemporary architecture. The aim is to highlight manifestations of 'borrowed landscapes' [shakkei] and manifold representations of the open-air-room [friluftsrum]. I am arguing that the summer cottage provides a kind of teaching, and also testing, of our need for these fragile and transient spaces.”

Åsa Andersson, PhD Intimations of Intimacy: Phenomenological Encounters Between Contemporary Art & Philosophy 1999, Staffordshire University, UK email: powder4context(at) 2013-02-10 copyright: Åsa Andersson