Ongoing and related activities

Ongoing: Collection Pinkblue (series of 15+), analogue, digital, projection, documentary, staged, re-photographed imagery.


Analogue, digital, projection, documentary, staged, re-photographed imagery - selection 2007-2013.

September 2012 Urasenke Chado Tea six days seminar in Italy with Michiko Sensei and zen monk Yamada Sensei. In Stockholm I practice with Eiko Duke Sensei,

In 2012 Ola Pettersson who kindly helps out with carpentry renovated a wood/canvas canoe from 1916. email: powder4context(at) 2013-02-10 copyright: Åsa Andersson

Ongoing research - 1930’s architecture and Japanese aesthetics. Stair in the extension to the old City Hall building in Gothenburg, by Gunnar Asplund, 1937. And: Japanese antique book about chado (tea ceremony) with a pop-up sukiya teahouse and garden (roji) in the centre, 1850’s. See also Publications.