Artist’s books, object poetry, writing email: powder4context(at) 2013-02-10 copyright: Åsa Andersson

Reading of poetry drama using figurines, talcum powder and a torch at Nordens författarskola, Biskops-Arnö 2007/08.

Blossom is a booklet made out of colour photocopies of all the forms of cherry blossoms that I could find inside my then Leeds’ flat (and a neighbour’s tree mirrored through the window).

Sea Fiction, colour photocopies of photographs from the series Sea Fiction. The mini-postcards have been cut wave-like as old style postcards. The cover and concertina pages are photocopied using the 1950’s dress (its exterior and lining) that features in the photographs. More images from Sea Fiction.

Molntillbedjarbord/Cloud adoration table 2011

Hiroshima Blossom Keepers, “outdoor” stand for photographic prints, 2011 Carpenter: Ola Pettersson

Bed worlds 1 (vintage toy bed, vintage card, sugar cubes with icing sugar flowers), 2011

Bed worlds 2 (hard board, oil paint , pillow, hair clip and copper cotton thread), 2011

Archipelago Parlour Gardens (converted table, suspended pink light bulb not on view, porcelain objects, sugar roses, candle, talcum powder), 2011 Carpenter: Ola Pettersson

the Play - show with Elisabeth Ödmann at Fullersta Bio Konsthall 2011 (selection)

Resa (wood, paper, shell, lightbulb, site-object made to fit alcove at Grafiska Sällskapet) 2011. See more images from the show, search under Previous exhibitions and November 2011:

Vintage vases, glass shelf, painted bamboo walking stick with textile handle, 2011

9 laser-cut signs installed in an engine room at the blast furnace in Moviken, Sweden 2003 (The sign says “Pulserande flöte”.)

"Plim-plam, plim-plam." Pärlan på flytvästen läcker.